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Facilitator’s Worldview Plug and Play Curriculum

The Facilitator’s Worldview Curriculum is designed for those of you who have the desire for others to learn the foundations of the Christian faith but do not want to teach it. The Facilitator’s Worldview Curriculum is designed for the leader to open up each class and then play the video corresponding to the lesson to be studied. At the conclusion of the video lesson, the facilitator will read the conclusion that is printed at the end of the lesson. The leader or small group leaders will also be able to lead a small discussion group following the video lecture. This curriculum will provide you with the means to do all that is necessary in the class except teach it. You can do it!

The facilitator will also have access to the teacher web site that will allow you to show the lesson videos and download some worldview clips to use in opening class exercises.

The Facilitator’s Worldview Curriculum includes 22 lessons with each one including:

  • Lesson purpose and goals
  • Weekly checklists
  • Opening exercises, lesson introduction, video/DVD instructions and conclusion
  • Suggested review questions
  • Small group discussion guides
  • Recommended reading lists
  • Outstanding comparison charts of different worldviews, religion, cults, Messianic prophecies, creation and others
  • Outside research position papers from a variety of authors

A full set of the teaching lessons taught by founder, Nancy Fitzgerald, and other Christian communicators who are experts on the other lessons are also available.