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What you can do now!


  • for God to give you the vision for bringing Anchorsaway into your community,
  • for a teacher and others to join together to make this class a reality,
  • for the hearts and minds of young men and women that will be attending,
  • for personal regeneration, moral restoration and cultural revival for your community.

Teach Anchorsaway! 

If you have a gift of teaching, then now is the time to put it to use! You can be trained to teach from our online teaching videos by clicking here. You will download a syllabus and fill it out as you watch the training videos. After you complete the syllabus and send it back to us, you will then be certified to teach. Once you purchase a Teacher Curriculum, a login will be issued for you to enter into the Anchorsaway Teacher’s website. This site will have all the tools you will need to effectively teach each lesson. Here you will find videos for each lesson, PowerPoints, movie clips and other helps that will equip you to successfully communicate biblical worldview to your class.

If you are a parent…

Tell others about Anchorsaway and find parents who share your enthusiasm to insure that your children are well grounded in their Christian faith and are ready to make a difference for Christ in all of life. Invite them to visit our website. You can also volunteer to bring bottles of water and snacks for the class.

If you are a networker, this is for you! 

Every successful Anchors class needs a good teacher, an administrator, small group leaders and supportive parents! A networker gathers these people together and begins the process of building a solid base for a successful class. Also, from this group, a parent will hopefully open up their home as a meeting place. Don’t forget to include para-church ministries as they can recommend their juniors and seniors attend these classes.

If you have a home, open it up!

One of the reasons students enjoy their classes is because of the warm environment that a home setting offers. Students who are searching for God are more open to come to a home rather than a school or a church. Classes go from January through April, one night a week which will generally last from 7:00pm to 9:30pm.

If you would like to adopt a class in your community…

You could do this by purchasing the student books for those who cannot afford them, donating money for a teacher to be trained and for the teacher curriculum. You might also want to be a small group leader or help bring snacks when needed.