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Heroes & Villains of the Bible

Heroes and Villains of the Faith. A 15–Week Christian Worldview Series for High School Students

Throughout history, we can find thousands of people who have been remembered as heroes with just as many who sadly have been villains. They come and go from generation to generation with most being forgotten with time. In this study, we are going to study heroes and villains in the Scriptures that will never be forgotten in the eyes of the one true God. The heroes are men and women of all ages whom God has chosen to do amazing things for His glory. Not one of them is perfect, not one of them is like the other and not a single one of them could do what God has called them to do on their own. 

We will be looking at the lives of 14 people in the Bible. Many are heroes of the faith and  some are villains who had the opportunity to be one of God's heroes but instead chose to go their own way. We will look at what the Bible has to say about these people and why or why not they were heroes in the eyes of God. Each lesson will be followed by small group discussion questions. 

This study is recommended for early high school and beyond.  Becoming an Anchorsaway certified teacher is suggested but not required to buy or teach this product.